Why design a website with WordPress ?

Today, digital marketing plays a very colorful role in all professions and businesses. All of us willingly or unwillingly spend a lot of time using the digital world every day because almost all goods and services can be accessed and ordered remotely from the Internet. Benefits such as saving time and more power of choice make this lifestyle attractive to everyone. Therefore, in today’s digital world, every type of business needs a WordPress website design to introduce itself to others. WordPress website design is something that can confuse us all at first glance. Now the question arises, why website design with WordPress content management system, if you are interested to get more information about this, stay with us.

Why design a website with WordPress ?

Introducing WordPress

WordPress may seem like a complicated name at first glance, but when we know more about it, we understand that its structure is not as complicated as its name. WordPress is a CMS that is completely open source; It means that everyone has the ability to interfere and occupy it to a great extent. This system is for website, blog and application design.

In simpler words, WordPress is a free (albeit to some extent) content management system that can be used to create an online platform for businesses and stores. You can use this system on your internet space. Creating a website based on WordPress is not a difficult task, but the hard part is that if you want to launch your website with the desired details and design, you have to pay.

Advantages of WordPress

Since WordPress is so easy to use, everyone from small companies to giants in the business market is interested in using it. But what are the advantages of using WordPress that encourage people to design its website? The important thing is to install and use this system for free. So you will pay less for setting up a WordPress website.

In addition, there are thousands of plugins on WordPress that you can use for free. If you want a custom and personal plugin, it can be designed easily and costs less. The most important point, as we mentioned, is the very simple use of WordPress. In WordPress, you will also have the ability to use SEO features. SEO allows you to increase your ranking in search engines.

So if you have different businesses, you can create and control multiple websites with one central WordPress. Also, there are many WordPress programmers and designers in Iran and they can provide you with specialized services. You will be able to easily design an online store with a plugin called WooCommerce, and in addition, forums can also be built and developed on WordPress. If all these advantages are not enough, the possibility of simultaneous access of several authors on the website should convince you.

WordPress price

The cost of designing a WordPress website in today’s digital world is very variable. With the aim of developing small and large businesses, Gil Marketing has provided a platform so that people can have a WordPress website at a reasonable price. The prices of Gil Marketing Company are considered very economical and cost-effective. The price of these plans is default for websites. If you have different facilities and different expectations, it will be considered for you by estimating the price. In addition, if you have a WordPress website, you can improve it by spending a little money.

Professional WordPress theme design

WordPress theme or WordPress skin is the main form and design of your website. The skin is the appearance that website visitors face at first glance. Therefore, the initial impact on the audience is very important. Although there are many free themes available for WordPress, it goes without saying that you need dedicated professional themes to be more successful. These templates and compliance with graphic issues will give your website a good look. Do not forget that only professionals are able to design a good template that is well seen.

WordPress plugins

As the name suggests, plugins are programs added to your WordPress website that add new features and functionality. Just like trying to install a new app on your smartphone. WordPress website releases many free plugins for its users. However, the main language of WordPress is English and it may not support some people’s needs. But don’t worry because our experts at Gil Marketing can design custom plugins for your website based on your needs.

WordPress SEO

SEO in any website is a set of factors that optimize it for search engines. In fact, SEO helps you to make your website more readable for search. Although WordPress is generally in good harmony with SEO, you should not forget that professionals for whom the amount of visits to search engines is very important should leave the template and design of their WordPress website to experts. In addition, with the help of experts, the content should be uploaded to the website so that SEO is well respected in this field. In this case, the success of your website is guaranteed.


Setting up a WordPress website is not a difficult task, but it is difficult to make it popular with the audience. Like all issues related to the virtual world, WordPress is also a specialized platform that requires the efforts of experts to set it up. Gil Marketing website with its experienced experts in this field is ready to give you free advice in the field of website design in Rasht. Also, the design of WordPress templates and plugins can be implemented by this team.

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