New redesign of Google search console

As you know, Google Search Console or Google Search Console is a popular Google web service that allows website administrators to check the status of their website in terms of traffic and web search performance and to fix its problems and is one of the best solutions for Optimizing the website and attracting audiences to be among the first for users in Google searches.

Google search console

Google’s search console has increased the ranking of websites in Google with the significant changes that Google has made in recent years. Recently, with the aim of better user experience and easier access for its users, Google search console has made a new design or redesign of its Google search console so that all users can better use this popular Google product.

Google itself published this news in a tweet and said: We have started a new journey for the appearance of Google Search and you will see small but practical changes in this product in the new months.

This news is very important for most website managers and especially SEO specialists who use search console for their websites on a daily basis.

In a short explanation, if we say that the changes that happened in the search console are visually very beautiful and user-friendly, but in terms of performance, there is no noticeable change in it. I suggest you visit your search console and tell us your opinions.

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