The Alexa website is down

The Alexa website is a free tool for checking the rank of websites and is a website traffic analyzer that started in 1996 in San Francisco and has been expanding its range of services and activities day by day. did This free and relatively simple and functional tool analyzed the position of your website relative to your competitors and the information that Alexa gave you about your website included global rank, country rank and the best ranks that existed, as well as back Links and incoming links and displaying statistical graphs for global rankings and search engine traffic and upward and downward trends, as well as the average presence of users on the pages that have been there for the longest time, will be displayed for you. The statistics that Alexa displayed to the business owners were in the period of 1 day to 2 years to help the website managers to have the best feedback from the output of their website by analyzing the different parts of their website.

Alexa for SEO

Also, the Alexa website was used to help SEO specialists and webmasters, based on which they described the optimization report of the clients’ website.

The Alexa website is down

Alexa was bought by Amazon in 1999 with a value of 250 million US dollars and, contrary to what others thought, it quickly started its growth process until it started working with Google in 2002, so that the results of Alexa ranks from It used to be displayed through Google, but due to the inappropriateness of Google’s service in 2009, Alexa stopped its cooperation and started ranking sites privately.

After 25 years of Alexa’s activity, this powerful company closed this powerful tool on May 1, 2022, thanking its subscribers and audience, and considered this move a difficult decision for itself.

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