SEO and its importance in increasing the ranking of the website

Are you one of those people who have launched a website for your business but have not been as successful in attracting customers and visitors? In addition to the fact that the quality of website design and construction is very important in the success of your business, other important factors also play a role in this issue. Designing a website and placing your content and products on it alone will not lead to visibility and increase of customers and visitors to your site. You need to manage and optimize the content of your site well so that it can be seen in the platform where it is placed. What increases or decreases the number of visitors to your website are search engines. You need to set up your website content in such a way that it is easy to find when users search. For this, you need to know more about SEO and its importance. In this article, we are trying to provide a simple and understandable explanation about SEO and its importance in increasing the ranking of the website. So stay with us until the end of this article.

SEO and its importance in increasing the ranking of the website

SEO introduction

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means “search engine optimization”.

What is SEO? SEO is a way to increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic, this is done by paying attention to how search engines work. In this way, a series of actions are taken so that the rank of your website in the results of search engines is lowered and among the first. Most likely, you still haven’t got the answer to the question “What is SEO?”, to understand the real meaning of SEO, let’s examine the process of search engine operation. To find the article you are looking for, you type its name or topic in the Google search system or other search engines. And they respond to your request with a long list of web page links.

How does Google (or any other search engine you use) work here? The search engine gathers all the information related to your topic that it has found on the Internet to create an index. The creation of this list and the sorting of the content is done by a special search engine algorithm. Now do you understand what SEO is? SEO is a set of actions that make your website appear among the first results when running this algorithm.

Introduction of internal SEO

Internal SEO, as the name suggests, is related to the principles of SEO inside the site. In fact, it is a set of activities that are carried out inside the site in order to optimize the content and HTML codes to improve the traffic and rank of your site. These measures include the following:

Definition of keywords

  • Title tag
  • Heading tag
  • Meta description tag
  • Use of appropriate images
  • share
  • Loading speed
  • The ability to display on all kinds of web browsing devices, including mobile phones
  • Audience-friendly and non-copy content

SEO and its importance in increasing the ranking of the website

Introduction of external SEO

External SEO refers to actions that are taken outside of your site’s content to improve your ranking in Google’s ranking. This work is actually promoting your site in other parts of the web world. For example, it can be advertising on social networks or your e-mail. The most effective external SEO method is advertising on other websites. The higher the number of sites that advertise your site link, the better your ranking will be. Because the search engine finds out the quality of the content of your site through the number and quality of the sites that have linked to your web pages.

The importance of SEO

The importance of SEO can be examined from three aspects.

1_ Traffic quality

You can attract all the visitors in the world, but if they come to your site and come across content unrelated to what they searched for. This traffic that your site has attracted is not of high quality. SEO helps you attract visitors to your site who are genuinely interested in the products and content you offer.

2_ The amount of traffic

If you are looking to increase the traffic of your site, you can increase the traffic to an acceptable level by SEOing its content and some tricks.

3_ Free traffic

As you know, Google or other search engines, for websites that are members of their advertising system, receive an amount per user visit, in fact, Google takes money to advertise your website and place it in the initial search results and so on. Visit your site to increase. By observing SEO, you can increase the rank of your site and use this opportunity to advertise without paying any cost.

The importance of content in SEO

Now that you know what SEO is and how it works, let’s talk about the importance of content in SEO. How important our content is in improving the site’s ranking in search engine results. It is true that SEO has different aspects. But the content of the site is more important than what everyone thinks. When we talk about content, people mostly think of text pages and posts. But the content does not have to be limited to traditional pages and text posts; Rather, it can be placed in different structures and formats on your website, including: images, audio, video, slides, tools and more. Ultimately, content is what people come to your site to read, listen to, watch, or interact with.

SEO and its importance in increasing the ranking of the website

Maybe before, using a large number of keywords in the content was the answer, but nowadays search engines have become much more advanced and can find out the meaning of your content, so the most important issue that you should think about is the production of quality content related to the titles of your site.

You must provide exactly the content that the user needs, not irrelevant things, you must act intelligently to create content and write about the topics that the users are looking for.

Pay attention to the following when creating content:

  • Is the content user-friendly?
  • Is the content organized in a way that is easy to find?
  • Does it have affiliate links?
  • Can your content stand alone as a reliable source for a specific topic?

Now that you are familiar with the importance of following the principles of SEO for the success of websites, you can improve the ranking of your site with correct and principled optimization. You can trust us for your site’s SEO. Our collection with experienced and expert staff is ready to provide SEO and optimization services for your website


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